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Career Fair

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A while ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Career Fair and was very glad I went. The experience was amazing, and truly eye opening as to what to expect in the future as a business student here at Villanova. 

The Career Fair is a chance for students to talk to representatives from a variety of different career paths, and possibly encounter interview, internship, or job opportunities. The fair consisted of over 100 tables hosted by companies from all areas of expertise. There were consulting firms, finance firms, and even tables with engineering firms as well. While I didn’t expect to necessarily talk to many people there, I more went just for the experience, I found my curiosity got the better of me. I approached Goldman Sachs and Factset in order to learn more about their company Talking to these companies as a freshman, I didn’t expect to get any internships but still valued the conversation. I hoped that talking to them would help me to figure out what I would want to do with my career. The experience answered so many questions I had, and was definitely beneficial in allowing me to see what it will be like in a few years when I am looking for an internship, or even a job. It exposed me to many career paths that I didn’t even know existed, and opened my eyes to the possibility I have in the next few years. 

Although my goal going in was to go to the fair and look around to experience the atmosphere, I ended up going even further and talking to representatives at the tables. I got way more out of this experience than I thought I would, and I truly am excited to see what the future holds. The Career Fair is an event I will definitely be attending in the years to come.

This is a link to a website that talks about all the different careers available to business majors and by attending this Fair i feel like I was able to get some exposure to a lot of them:


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